December 2022

Season’s Greetings! 

I wish I could say this on better terms. As bearish and oblique as the market may seem, FLUID has been experiencing velocity and delivering a-class work. 

We’re fortunate to have a team so driven to achieve product milestones that will ensure FLUID’s success in the coming months. 

We’re delighted to inform our FLUIDIANs that we’ve finalized the order book with predicted bid and ask prices. Secondly, FLUID T (FLUID’s institutional trading terminal) is in its final stages and being worked on, ready for customer use in Q1 2023. 

To wrap up the year, I’d like to thank team FLUID for all of their hard work—drive and passion have been essential—and, finally, thank all our FLUIDIANS for their ongoing support. FLUID looks forward to building the liquidity aggregator of the future with you all.

Happy holidays to all, and see you in 2023!

– Ahmed Ismail

  • FLUID T: Institutional OEMS clickable prototype complete. Getting feedback from clients and prospects.
  • Live Demo of the FLUID MVP showing the aggregated order book and FLUID’s proprietary AI prediction model placed in a sandbox environment. This can be shown on demand to clients and prospects. 
  • Additional currency pairs added to FLUID MVP – pairs now include BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, BTC/ETH
  • Making steady progress on customer onboarding and KYC documents
  • Custody: FLUID is exploring the possibility of being a non-custodial platform by partnering with various institutional custody solutions
  • FLUID TGE and Claiming/Vesting Portal: Integration with Fireblocks complete and waiting for the market to improve for TGE
  • Working on layer 2 partnership for FLUID’s utility token
  • FLUID T and FLUID will be first products to leverage ecosystem token
  • FLUID X will be built with FLUIDIANS – stay tuned in early Jan 23!
  • No new team member
  • Currently hiring:
    • Regulatory policy writer full-time
    • Backend engineers full-time
    • UX/UI specialist full-time
  • TGE expected date would be based on improved market conditions – aiming for H1 23
  • Market conditions have slowed down various external partners that are needed. Not for concern, but it has proven a challenge
  • Working on FLUID-T UI (almost complete and ready to go into build)
  • Working on FLUD-X UI (Jan 23 first community workshop)
  • Keep engaging with content to support the project. Our FLUIDIAN army’s strength has been amazing to date 
  • We’ll soon be launching the FLUID-X community build program, where we would love all to participate and support in building the FLUID-X interface
  • Complete for the year – updates coming soon for 2023