This week’s FLUID Live featured FLUID’s CEO and President, Ahmed Ismail, and Head of Marketing and Communication, Matias Jeldrez, who addressed our community’s queries regarding the TGE and FLUID Rewards. 

To sum it up, here’s a quick recap of this week’s live:

The current status of TGE: It doesn’t come across as a surprise that the success of our $FLD token is highly dependent on strong market conditions and not just our project. Over the previous eight weeks, the market has been somewhat pessimistic. BTC reached a low of $17,600, ETH crossed the $1,000 threshold, and cryptocurrency has been in a generally down-trending state for the past several days. A variety of variables have influenced the market circumstances. One of the events that kicked off this downward trend in crypto was the recent UST fiasco.

We have received extremely strong recommendations from both our investors and other business experts to postpone the TGE debut until the market situation significantly improves. FLUID is prepared for TGE. Our technology is prepared. We will keep you all updated as we approach closer to this time; we are simply waiting for the ideal opportunity and circumstances to materialize so that we can launch.

FLUID Rewards: We added a new tab navigation bar called “REWARDS,” and we also launched its leaderboard, featuring all the winners of FLUID Rewards. Now you can keep tabs on the top scores and ranks here. As mentioned before, we’re starting at 500,000 FLD but you know, we’ve alluded that we will probably be increasing that closer to TGE, so stay tuned for that. 

Team Expansion: Reiterating that we are in a very secure financial situation, we have redirected our attention to product development and staff expansion. This month, we’ve hired a number of people at quite senior levels. We have hired a head of engineering, Waleed Rizk, as well as the head of data science, Dr. Lawrence Hennessey, an assistant professor in Sweden, to help expand our tech platform and really accelerate FLUID AI. By doing this, we can be ready sooner and, when we launch the token, our token will perform better because it will have a stronger product.

We are still pursuing collaborations, and significant ones are on the horizon. You may be confident that many new partnerships are in the works. As a result, we are utilizing this time to capitalize on relationships, build a product, and polish FLUID. We have also engaged a new business development person who is doing an outstanding job of bringing in more and more collaborations to FLUID.

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