FLUID is delighted to announce 🔥FLUID REWARDS 🔥 – the only way to secure your $FLD (FLUID’s Token) pre-TGE. The FLUID Rewards program aims for participants to engage, interact, and learn about FLUID by collecting tickets through completing bounties and entering competitions. 

The more tickets you collect, the bigger your share is of the FLUID REWARDS token pool! 

For example: if you have 25 tickets, another entrant has 25 tickets, and another entrant has 50 tickets – your share = 25% of the token pool.

The minimum token pool size is 500k FLD.

How big can the token pool get? Don’t ask 😎we won’t release this information until a week before TGE 🙊 All we can say is, it won’t be disappointing 🔥

FLUID Rewards comprises of two main activities: 

  • FLUID WINS: Ad hoc competitions that are time-sensitive and provide BIGGER rewards 
  • FLUID Bounties: instant gratification (meaning guaranteed tickets if you complete the task) for completing a requested task

Complete bounties now below; or if you cannot see the bounties, click here.

FLUID WINS are ad hoc competitions where the prize size will be disclosed at the time of competition. The prize can be a large number of tickets towards the token pool or a physical prize that is shipped to the user (i.e. a FLUID shirt, hat, bag, mug, etc.).

How do FLUID Bounties work? 

FLUID Bounties provide entrants with instant gratification in the form of tickets. The more tickets an entrant has the bigger the entrant’s share of the FLUID TOKEN POOL. 

The number of tickets you claim will depend on the tasks completed. Please see as follows:

  • Entry across Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube will enable a claim of 2 tickets for each platform
  • If an entrant joins, follows or subscribes to FLUID’s Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Linkedin, newsletter or Youtube, they will receive 2 tickets for each channel
  • If an entrant views a post on Twitter, Telegram or Facebook they will receive 1 ticket for each channel
  • If an entrant tweets a post they will receive 5 tickets
  • If an entrant uses the given hashtag/hashtags on Twitter in one of their tweets they will receive 5 tickets 
  • Users part of the FLUID reputation program on Telegram will receive 1 ticket for every 25 reputation points you achieve.
  • As part of the FLUID referral program on Telegram, users will receive 10 tickets for every referral received
  • Users who submit responses to FLUID polls on telegram will receive 2 tickets per poll.

Get ready for the future of liquidity aggregation, transformed.

And best of luck 😁